We decided to change it up a little bit this week and spread the love 🙂

Happiness is contagious and at Events by Missy & Co. we strive to make our friends and clients happy! Here are a few things to help keep a smile on your face…..

~ Surround yourself in blue! Long thought to be a shade of sorrow, blue is a soothing color that increases confidence and happiness. So whether its wearing a navy shirt or painting your bedroom an aqua color, you will find yourself more blessed out and less stressed out.
~ Aroma therapy! Its no surprise that certain smells can create a happy buzz; the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or walking outside after it rains makes you instantly ecstatic. And the smell of green apples can reduce anxiety and alleviate migraines. So definitely take the time to stop and smell the flowers…or anything else that gives you some joy!
~ Ask for a hug! We know it sounds corny, but regular affection makes you happy. Its a great stress reliever and you can always find someone to hug, it also helps increase your mental health, so go hug someone already 🙂
Just a few things to help you smile more, sleep better and have an all-around sunnier outlook…I know I will!
Best wishes and happy planning!