I know we are all sad to see Summer go….but Fall is so spectacular I am happy its almost here! There are simply tons of ideas you can incorporate into your fall wedding; from foods to locations and decor, let the season be your guide to all the Fall has to offer.

Food ~ Who doesn’t love squash soup, cranberry sauce and hot apple cider to keep you guests warm and fuzzy during the reception. You can also use carmel apples as favors…DELISH!
Locations ~ Why not use a scenic backdrop as the decor to wow your guests. With the days still warm and the chilly nights, try a winery or historic mansion for your ceremony, then move inside for your reception with a sprawling view of the property.
Themes ~ Use rich browns, oranges and deep yellows to capture the season to use throught your wedding; from invitations to attire these hues will bring a feeling of comfort and together-ness to your guests. You can also use foliage, acorns and gourds to help tie in the fall theme and for decor your as well.
We hope these tips and inspirational ideas lead you to a spectacular fall wedding!
Next weeks blog post…fall flowers
Best wishes & happy planning!
Melissa Fife