Choosing flowers for spring and summer weddings is a no-brainer: There are tons of varieties in season, and any sweet pastel or bright and sunny color scheme feels appropriate. But if you want florals that reflect the fall season in a chic and intriguing way, it’s a little more challenging but your options in the fall are endless.

Textures ~ Fall wedding flowers should be lush, richly hued arrangements with lots of interesting texture. Instead of using just two or three types of blooms in your centerpieces, try a wide mix of flowers coordinated with your color scheme. Or add non-floral accents such as viburnum or hypericum berries, lotus pods or wooly lamb’s ear leaves to make the arrangements more distinct.

Polished ~ Loosely tied bouquets are a natural choice for many brides during the spring and summer, but for fall weddings, bouquets can be more structured. Think densely packed bouquets in a color scheme such as red, brick, and plum. Instead of leaving stems exposed, trend-conscious florists wrap them in textured fabric, velvet sashes, or ribbons. Its a richer look for a more lavish fall bouquet.

Reception ~ Succulents are widely popular for landscaping, and stylish brides are working them into their centerpieces too. They’re seasonless but come in deep, fall-appropriate hues like aubergine, cactus green, and pomegranate. Since their leaves look like petals, succulents mix easily with flowers. Classic glass vases may feel right in summer, but for fall, style-conscious couples are using everything from eye-catching copper pots to silver trophy cups and gold-leaf vases, or going earthy with containers made of wood or covered in lichen. Mismatched antique urns or pots from the flea market are also popular.

Your options in the fall are as gorgeous and stylish as ever, use all autumns splendor to make your wedding unique and totally you!

Best wishes & happy planning ~