So I started logging all the things I do for my business on a monthly basis. I met with an inspirational life coach and we discussed time management and what I need to do for myself, and she suggested I create a log of all the things I do for my business every month. I think it may be a great way to track and manage my time better and also see what I get done….here’s what I did:

10-1 ~ Super Sweet 16 (ran around getting centerpieces, favors, cake)
10-2 ~ Nicole & John’s wedding
10-3 ~ sent out follow-up emails to bridal show participants, wrote 2 blog entries
10-4 ~ met perspective client for June 2011 wedding
10-7 ~ met perspective client for December wedding
10-10 ~ received 2 contracts for upcoming weddings
10-17 ~ Bridal Market in NYC
10-23 ~ Baby shower
10-24 ~ worked on custom cardbox for December client (see picture)
10-25 ~ went thru a stack of magazines and cleaned up my office, major filing and billing
10-26 ~ Biz bash at Jacob Javitx center in NYC
10-30 ~ Halloween party ( 200 cupcakes too )
WOW this was a lot LOL, I hope to be even busier next month…let’s see how it goes.
Hope yours was just as busy.
Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa @ Events byMissy & Co.