Congratulations; you guys are engaged! He planned the romantic dinner, bought the roses, ordered the best champagne, got down on bended knee and you got the ring!

So where do you guys go from here? Here are the first few steps every couple should take as soon as they get engaged…
  • First things first; Get that rock appraised and insured! If you are homeowners just call up your policy holder and send them the appraisal certificate from the jeweler. If you are a renter add it to your renters insurance policy as mentioned above. If you don’t have renters insurance, get some! This was a major purchase and not to ensure your engagement ring would be like buying a Mercedes and not getting the car insured!
  • Start spreading the news! Call the folks and future in-laws, your best friends (if they weren’t in on it) and shout it from the rooftop! There is nothing people like to hear more than good news, and this news is great.
  • Set a date ~ even if it’s not THE day. The first thing people will ask is “when is the big day???” It will save you a lot of inquisitive looks and blank stares if you have a date in mind, or at least a time frame. When people ask, a great answer is something like “were working towards early Spring 2012”. That will satisfy their curiosity, and also help you and your fiance with an idea for the big day.
  • Daydreaming about your vision. Get some bridal magazines for dress inspiration, check out websites for decor ideas, talk to travel agents about honeymoon spots. It’s perfectly OK to go into planning mode. IF you haven’t been dreaming about your wedding since you were a kid, now is the time to start. Start a scrapbook for all of the items you start collecting of this things you want ( and don’t want ) for your wedding. You can also download some apps or programs to help you manage your wedding ideas, tasks and time lines.
  • Show me the money! Get your finances and budget together for the wedding and start a savings account for the wedding. You really do NOT want to reply on credit cards to pay for anything for this wedding. Save a little from each weekly paycheck, it will add up fast. Luckily you don’t have to pay your vendors everything up front, so save, save, save…every bit helps. You can also speak to your parents and see if they will be able to help out at all, or foot the bill entirely.
  • Work on your guest list. Speak to your parents about who they would like to invite as well. Be sure to remind them this is only a list of people that will possible be invited, nothing is set in stone. Ask them to prioritize their guests, just like you and your fiance did. TIP ~ The more guests you have the bugger your budget.
  • Let’s celebrate! Have an engagement party to share the joy. Traditionally this can be hosted by the parents or the couple themselves. It’s a great way for family & friends of the soon to be’s to get to know each other if they don’t already. But remember, the invite list must be people you plan on inviting to your wedding! And just so you know, an engagement party is not a gift-receiving occasion. You may receive flowers or a nice bottle of wine though.
And finally remember to have fun! This is your time to shine; enjoy each other as you begin this journey and plan for the biggest day of your lives. Everyone will have opinions and suggestions, but in the end, its your day so do it your way!

Best wishes & happy planning~
Melissa Fife ~ Lead Designer & Owner
Events by Missy & Company