Creating a website for your wedding is simple and can be a great tool for your guests as well. We have suggestions for 2 simple FREE websites that we recommend to our clients when doing their site; but there are a ton out there to use, both free and paid. They can be simple or very detailed and coordinate with your wedding style, colors, theme. So have some fun and get to work :
Here is simple list of the items that can be included on your wedding website:


Basic Info ~ You’ll definitely want to include your names, your wedding date, and where and when the ceremony and reception will be held.


Directions and Maps ~ Basic directions are essential on a wedding website, and it’s also helpful. You can link directly to maps like google as well so your guests are 1 click away from your site.


Hotel Information ~ Whether you have reserved a block of rooms or just want to recommend nearby options, out-of-town guests will need help from you in finding a place to stay. Be sure to include a few options at different price points.


Suggested Attire ~ Guests always want to know what they should be wearing to your wedding. And every event is different, so its okay to suggest what you would like. Is it a formal affair, or relaxed enough to sport jeans and cowboy hats? If you have a vision in mind, suggest it!
Wedding Party Info ~ Who are your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and why did you ask them to be in your wedding? These are usually fun stories about how you asked your bridal party to be included, share them here!


Registry Info ~ Though it’s NOT okay to include registry information on your invitations, a link on your website will probably be appreciated by your guests. If you have more then one its also nice to let your guests know they have options.


Stories about Your Engagement, where the happy couple met ~ Hearing about your romance will help guests get excited for the big day.

Photos and/or Videos ~ Guests can appreciate seeing a few cute photos, but it’s especially nice for those who’ve never met one of you to see how handsome, gorgeous, and in love you are.


The 2 sites we recommend for your FREE wedding website are are both simple to navigate and are very user friendly.


So sit down with your fiancé and create your wedding website; its another great way to spend to quality time together and have some fun.

Best wishes & happy planning~

Melissa @ Events by Missy & Co.