I recently attend a seminar where Phil Cantor was a speaker and gave some great tips for taking amazing shots with an ordinary camera.

I know as an event planner, I like to post some “unofficial” shots faster that the average photog’s 6 week turnaround time. So here are a few great tips from Phil for flawless photos:

  1. Make sure the flash is OFF, natural lighting is best for pictures
  2. Always take 2 shots of the same image or person, just in case 1 doesn’t come out great
  3. Step off to the side when shooting in front of glass or mirrors to reduce glare
  4. Do not use the zoom feature, step closer if you want a tighter shot
  5. Do not leave lots of head-room, center the objects in the photo
These tips have worked great for me so far, good luck to my fellow amateur picture takers!

To check out Phil Cantor’s amazing work check his website http://www.philcantor.com/

Thanks for reading and have a great day.
Melissa @ Events by Missy