I found Brannon on the spectacular world of twitter and was instantly amazed by her work. She has a true gift; being able to capture such emotion in her images, I just had to reach out and meet her. I hope you love her as much as I do!

Name ~ Brannon Conza of Brannon Conza Photography

Website ~www.BrannonPhoto.com
Contact email ~ BrannonPhoto@gmail.com
Contact Phone # 845.418.2528

Lets meet our vendor of the week Brannon Conza!

When you speak to potential clients, how would you describe your business & what you offer ~ I am a professional portrait photographer specializing in working on location with natural light. My favorite subjects are, quite simply, people. I am a people person, and I just love working with people whether they be days old or many decades old. Although I’m willing to do more formal style portraits, my true joy is in lifestyle photography – just capturing people being themselves, living their lives. I find that the most true and accurate photographic reflections of people come when they are relaxed, which means keeping my sessions as easygoing as possible. I try to start building a rapport with the client from my first e-mail or phone call so that by the time I arrive to our session, we’ve already started the process of getting to know each other and I’m more friend than stranger. I offer sessions for newborns, children, teens, families, couples, products and events.


Where do you get new ideas & inspiration from ~ Honestly every session is different since each person and place that make up the session is different. As corny as it may sound, I kind of just let “the moment” guide me inspiration wise, I don’t really go into a shoot thinking “I’m going to try and recreate that XYZ shot I just saw recently.” While I am aware and admiring of much of my fellow photographers’ work, I really do try to just stick to my own artistic vision when it comes to my own work. Considering that my clients selected me based on what they saw in my portfolio, I feel I would be doing both myself and the client a disservice by trying to recreate another photographer’s work/style or some current trend. I really just let the session tell me where to go next. Every subject and every place inspires me in a different way, and I absolutely love that.


What do you offer that makes you unique ~ I suppose the thing that sets me apart from my competitors is, well, me! Just little old me. My vision, my editing style, and the process of interacting with me before, during, and after our session. I realize that the amount of photographers locally is growing, so it’s obviously important to differentiate myself somehow. I suppose the thing that’s most important to me when presenting my work is to have a picture speak as being just that – my work. I think that at this point my photos are different and recognizable at some level because they have a kind of “modern classic” feel to them. While my photos do have somewhat of a modern look, one of my main goals is to have my work still be classic, standing the test of time. I think that one of the things that makes photography important is that it is something that is passed down from one generation to the next, therefore giving you a glimpse into your past. I want people in the future to look at my photos, see the subject, and feel the emotion – without being distracted by some dated trend whether in editing, styling, etc. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with other photographers or clients embracing some current look or fad – it’s just not for me, and I appreciate that clients who choose me are like minded, making us a great match.


Tell us why this is your dream come true! This really is my dream job. It affords me opportunity to get out of the house, drive around the gorgeous tri-state area, meet fantastic people, and be creative! It’s basically everything I love wrapped up into one activity – and I get paid for it! Who could ask for anything more? I think my favorite part of my job, though, is the true enjoyment I get when I pull up session photos to edit them, and I will actually spontaneously smile or laugh out loud remembering the particular moment that is facing me on my screen. That and seeing families grow and change from when I saw them at their previous session. Honestly, I can’t count the times that I have said to my husband: “I love my job.”


Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little about Brannon, if you would like to see her beautiful work, check out her site www.BrannonPhoto.com

Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa @ Events by Missy