If any of you have not seen my wedding dress it was massive; I mean like the entire bridal party could have fit under there with room for more. I saw THE DRESS in a magazine, went on a crazy mission to NJ to find it and as soon as it put it on I knew it was mine. It’s funny…after I ordered THE DRESS my hubby and I were looking in wedding magazine that happened to have a photo of THE DRESS and he pointed at it and said “ I love this one, you would rock it!”. I was floored; I couldn’t believe he actually picked it.

Now for those of you that know me personally, THE DRESS I choose for my wedding is the equivalent of my polar opposite…seriously. So when the wedding was over, I was left with this amazing dress that I had no idea what to do with.

There are several options for brides these days;

  • You could pay to get it preserved and be able to hand down to your daughter. Now knowing my girls, they would want a dress that was totally unique to them, so this wasn’t an option for me. Although they did love THE DRESS, sad to day it wasn’t them.
  • The ever-so-popular “Trash the dress” session is amazing to do! I would have LOVED to do this, but I would have been broken hearted to run THE DRESS. But after chatting with a recently married gal who did a Trash the dress session, she mentioned she snagged a wedding dress that was in sale for $100 and used that, SUPER IDEA!! Needless to say I have a trash the dress session coming up this summer, so excited! (TTD photo courtesy of weddingbee.com)
  • Donate it, which is what I did. There are many so many great organizations to be able to donate your wedding dress to, but I choose Brides against Breast Cancer. The idea of my donation going to help brides with this horrible disease made me feel like I was definitely doing the right thing.

For more info on donating your dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer visit their website http://www.bridesagainstbreastcancer.org/

Thanks and have a great day!
Melissa @ Events by Missy