After recently meeting with one of my favorite local florists to pow-wow about an upcoming wedding we were working on together, she mentioned to me a wedding she did the weekend prior that the bride opted not to use a planner. In addition to not ordering enough centerpieces for her reception (YIKES) the limo didn’t show up to the church and the DJ that was hired didn’t MC the evenings events…insert drunk best man here!!

Now granted, a planner wouldn’t have been able to get behind the wheel of a limo and get her family from the church, but a planner does have had the know-how to ensure that limo would be there in the first place.

Here are a few reasons why a Wedding Planner is needed:

  1. Your centerpieces are wilted and falling apart, they need to be fixed pronto
  2. The venue didn’t stock the bathrooms with toilet paper
  3. The bustle on your wedding dress breaks
  4. The best man forgets the rings
  5. All of the sashes on the chairs are not tied
  6. The limo gets lost
  7. Your outdoor wedding has no back-up plan when it starts to rain
  8. The 20 DIY items you decided to do now have to be set-up
  9. The wedding cake arrives looking beat-up
Now if you have hired the right planner, these tasks and lots more are handled with grace and the wedding can continue with no one knowing these mishaps had happened, and the bride-to-be doesn’t get stressed!

If your planner does their job right, you may even ask “why did I even need a planner in the first place, everything ran so smoothly on my wedding day”. And it will be at that moment you know your wedding planner did their job 100%, because your day was so perfect!

Happy planning ~

Melissa @ Events by Missy