There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding, we often forget to keep our guests in mind, but these few tips that can really make a big difference!

  • Sticking to your day-of timeline ~ Be sure to create a wedding timeline and try to stick to it. There is nothing worse then running late and having to push your whole wedding back and keep your guests waiting. Your venue will not be willing to extend your reception if it starts late and you want to be able to enjoy it for as long as you can.
  • Having your ceremony and reception close to each other ~ Although its your day, you should definitely keep this factor in mind for your guests traveling; your reception and ceremony should not be further than 30 minutes apart. Your older guests will not be up for the extra long day, your out of town guests risk getting lost and guests are now forced to find a way to entertain themselves during the break of events.
  • Limited personalization ~ We love the cute napkins with your names and aisle runners; but your guests know your names, wedding dates and event your new initials…so don’t go over the top!
  • Planning accordingly for your outdoor ceremony and reception ~ Be sure to plan ahead; whether your getting married in April, July or September its so important to make sure your guests are comfortable. Sitting in the sun or at sunset the temperaturevaries greatly and no one likes dealing with these extreme temperatures… even it it is your wedding day.
Hope these tips help your big day!

Best wishes and happy planning ~