Our fav wedding professional spotlight of the week is Margaret from flower ME events.

I met Margaret recently and was drawn to her great personality, unique style and amazing floral ideas! She is one of my favorite local florist and is revolutionizing wedding flowers one peony at a time!


Name & business ~ Margaret Egiziaco flower ME events

* Website address ~ www.flowerMEevents.com

* Contact email ~ ME@flowerMEevents.com

* Phone number ~ 914-231-9655

* Years in business ~2

* How did you get started in your business

About 9 years ago I was looking for a part-time job during high school. I wanted something pleasant, so I pulled out the yellow pages (hard copy! yeah, I can’t believe that either) and cold-called veterinarians and flower shops in the White Plains area. One lady said she could use me as an assistant. She turned out to be my boss, who was awesome, and taught me everything I know! I quickly became a floral designer and I worked my way up to manager when she had a baby. I worked there for many years (throughout high school and breaks home from college), and also freelanced during college while earning my bachelors in chemistry. After I came back from Baltimore for good, I got a job in a chemistry lab where I tested the impact of biodiesel fuel on engine oil. I continued to freelance, and also earned my MBA at night full-time, while working full-time. Although I enjoyed my work in the chemical field, my passion for flowers drew my attention away from the lab. After completing my MBA in 2010, I quit my job and pursued my business full-time! We now have a storefront on Main Street in Dobbs Ferry.


If you were speaking to a potential client, how would you describe your business and what exactly your business offers?

We are revolutionizing the floral industry. We are not a traditional flower shop; we are Floral Consultants who service events-only. We design and create each piece based on the theme, vibe, and most importantly, our clients’ personalities. And…we make house calls! We offer limitless in-home consultations, or will meet you at our office, a coffee shop, or any destination of your choice! We’re young and contemporary, and pride ourselves on our unique creations. Our business offers our clients a personalized experience and customized product. We’re perfect for the people who are sick of the status quo, and would like to try something new. We like to use the phrase, “we’re not your mother’s florist” because… we’re not!


* Whats your inspirations / where do you get new ideas

It’s an on-going joke at the shop how obsessed we are with fashion. It is not unusual for use to model a bouquet from a couture-style gown, much like top cake designers do. We are constantly reading not only flower and wedding publications, but high-end fashion and style media as well. The creative juices don’t stop there- we are always checking out new material swatches at home-design stores for our bouquet ribbon, fruits, veggies, and herbs at the grocery store for organic inspiration, and parks and backyards for natural elements to bring the outdoors in. Most importantly, we surround ourselves with new and creative people. We are always bettering ourselves by learning from each other, and pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve.


* What does your product offer that your competitors do not

As Floral Consultants, we offer our clients a personalized service they will not get anywhere else. We’re not going to open a pre-fabricated sample book and tell you to pick something. We work together during this creative process to construct pieces of floral art, which portray your individuality and style. Unlike many traditional flower shops, we have a trained Canvas and Design Artist on staff. While we do use different media as inspiration (magazine photos, dress material, venue site, our iPad portfolio), we make all your pieces with you in mind. Some clients prefer to be very hands-on, while others prefer to have little to no input. Regardless, flower ME events caters to the entire spectrum of clientele.


Our implementation is just as customized; our clients are guaranteed the freshest flowers, because we do not stock, but order for each specific event. When possible, we hand-select the most beautiful flowers available, straight from the wholesaler. Because we do not stock flowers, and employ our team on an events-only basis, we are able to keep our overhead low and thus offer these personalized services at competitive prices. We offer a free preview of once piece, and delivery is free. Whether you want to spend a few hundred, or tens of thousands, you will get more bang for you buck with flower ME events.


Is this your dream job and why

Yes, yes, and yes! When I started in this industry 9 years ago, I always thought to myself, ‘I wish I had my own shop’. I’m thrilled that I am finally able to take my unique and client-oriented concept and implement it. Besides my love for the art of floral arranging, I love meeting new and different people everyday. The more diverse my clients, the more diverse the pieces, and the more I get to test my artistic ability. While I love seeing my all clients’ faces for any event, my favorite moment is when I deliver the bouquets to the bride. There is nothing like seeing the reaction to your creative work, it is an amazing feeling that I am fortunate to get all the time!


Best Wishes & Happy Planning ~

Melissa Fife

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