The first time I met Julia was at an ABC meeting in NYC last year and was immediately wowed by her photographs. Her shots were so glamorous and beyond anything I had every seen before, her work is truly unbelievable!


Whats you name ~ Julia of Juliati Photography Studio

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Contact Phone # (914) 484-8444

Lets meet our vendor of the week Julia!

How did you get started in your business ~ My father was a photographer, so by age of nine I was assisting him on location shoots. By ten I was creating my own work. During my University education my creativity was enhanced by underpinning of empathy for people, always the source of inspiration, with courses in neuropshychology and anthropology. I think that a good photographer empathizes with the humanity of the individual and knows when to evoke emotions and when to draw a cloak of invisibility, and stealthily record the moment. With time the tools have changed opening new roads, new possibilities, but the creative process progresses independently; the imagination of the artist will always be ahead of the latest technology.

When you speak to potential clients, how would you describe your business & what you offer

You will see the fusion of classical art and fashion in all our photography from Boudoir to Weddings to Maternity. Don Brown, writer, described our photography the following: “Juliati has brought the collective history of Western painting, the lessons of over a hundred years of photographic composition, the Golden Age of Hollywood Glamour and the vitality of today’s top fashion photographers together to produce wedding photographs that are masterpieces.”

Where do you get new ideas & inspiration from ~
I try not to have preconceived ideas about anything; my mind is always open for new concepts, compositions, lighting, emotions… Of course I know the basic rules of photography, but once the rule is perfected it should be broken. New ideas come from all aspects of life: I admire and study old masters of drawing, painting and sculpture; I enjoy exploring nature and movement of light; and I am excited following and learning new fashion trends. All these influences help me create interesting images not only to “wow” my clients, but often to receive awards of excellence from international wedding and portrait photographers’ competitions.

What do you offer that makes you unique ~
There are no two identical minds; thus every photographer is unique. Once you, the client, go beyond the subject of money, the exciting and sometimes difficult search for “my” photographer will begin. Thus the questions for you should be “Who I am”, “Who I want to be”, “What do I like, enjoy, admire”. Once you answer these questions, you will find the best photographer that will take your breath away not only with the final portraits, but during the whole experience.

Tell us why this is your dream come true!
It is absolutely my dream job. “I do not photograph in order to have clients. I have clients in order to photograph.” Inspired by Ayn Rand.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little about Julia, if you would like to see her beautiful work, check out her site

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Melissa @ Events by Missy