Brides and grooms are always so excited when they being to plan their wedding day, and for most couples, it’s the first time they are planning a wedding. Not everyone may not know what to look for, ask about, or how to research the wedding professional they plan on hiring, and they may end up not so happily ever after….

Another way to help you choose your wedding vendors is to work with a Professional Wedding Coordinator, they can assist in choosing your vendors as well.

Here are some tips for protecting yourself when hiring wedding professionals:
1 ~ Investigate! Professional business should have a website with a phone number, contact information, and address to their business. If you have a difficult time contacting a vendor, odds are it will be this way during the planning process and maybe even on your wedding day too.
2 ~ Get recommendations and referrals. Most companies have reviews on line, whether its on their website or another business rated one. Take it a step further and ask to speak to a recent satisfied client. If they are unable to produce either, odds are they do not have any happy customers.
3 ~ Contracts are essential. The same way you wouldn’t purchase a home without one, contracts are key to get with any wedding professional. This is a binding agreement of what you are both expected to do and not to do, on the wedding day. A verbal agreement is not sufficient.
4 ~ Certification and credentials. Belonging to an organization of other professionals in their field is an esteemed honor and ensures they are constantly working in their field of expertise. They know the latest tips, tricks and techniques to make your wedding great so be sure to ask if they are aligned with an origination.
5 ~ Be sure to know who will be servicing your wedding. Many times the individuals you meet at a bridal show or expo will not be the person who shows up on your wedding day to work. Be sure to confirm who that person will be before signing on the dotted line.
These tip are a great start to assist in choosing the professionals you hire on your wedding day.

Best Wishes & Happy Planning ~

Melissa Fife

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