Ok, so we get asked all the time, what is a Day of planner, or what’s sometimes referred to as a “DOC”…and do they really just come in on the wedding day?

The short answer is a screaming NO! Coupes take months, even years, to plan their weddings. For anyone to assume a Professional, no matter how amazing they are, can walk into a wedding-day plan and know what, where and how to assist, well thats just insanity!!

A DOC actually starts working with the bride and groom at least 2 months before the wedding day; they do anything from review contracts and orders, contact and confirming vendors, create the day-of timeline, set-up venue & ceremony spaces, work with your venue….nothing that can be accomplished in 1 day and certainly cannot get accomplished in just 1 meeting.

At Events by Missy, we provide a service for couples seeking Day-of assistance, its called the Orchid Package. We meet with couples, chat about their wedding day vision and provide help on the wedding day to ensure the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their wedding.

Would you really want a Wedding Planner to just show on your wedding day with no prior knowledge of all of the details you have worked so hard to perfect …or do you want someone who completely understands you, your wedding and the vision?

Best Wishes & Happy Planning ~
Melissa Fife ~ Owner and Lead Event designer
“Designing the Day of your Dream”