There is a quote I recently came across “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own” by Ben Sweetland. 

These words cannot ring more true as I reflect on my recent teaching experience for the Wedding Planning Institute at Medger Evers College in Brooklyn NY.  I was contacted by Lovegevity to teach the Wedding & Event Planning course. I was super excited and soooo nervous at the same time; aside from teaching my kids their ABC’s ….I had never taught anyone anything. But the passion and love I have for Weddings and the experiences I have gone thru needed to be shared with others.

From the first day of class, the ladies that attended the class were all so great. They were eager to know what I knew, eager to learn the ins and outs of wedding planning, eager to not make mistakes in starting their own businesses as I had. And I was more than excited to share what I knew about it all! They were all in different stages of their business; some had worked a few events for friends…some just knew they had a passion and wanted to know how to get started.

I explained that it is important to choose the right 
professionals to work with; like minded individuals that hold their businesses to a high standard and appreciate their work ethics as well.  Obtaining certification is key; education is the start to any great career and if you wish to be taken seriously, this course is a great foundation. And continuing education is equally as important.

I truly wish all of my students best wishes and happy planning as they begin their journeys… and hope to be able to work with them on upcoming events!! The photos are in order of class…all 3 semesters were amazing, the girls were so fun and I love them all!

Melissa Fife ~ owner & lead designer
Events by Missy & Company