My latest obsession is wedding tattoos…as a girl in LOVE with tattoos, this is one of my favorite trends.    For years tattoos were a sort-of taboo for lots of people, but now its totally mainstream and socially acceptable….BRING ON THE INK!!!
Personally I have several tattoos; all which symbolize different milestones in my life, and my latest favorite is the wedding tattoo. What better way to show the love of your life how much they mean to you by permanently marking yourself?!?!
These are a few of my favorites…all courtesy of
Hers says “What God has let man” & His says “Joined together not separate”
Both bride & groom tattooed wedding bands..but also the initial of their significant other 
Hers says “I love him” & His says “I  love her”

What do you think of the wedding tattoo? Love ’em of hate ’em….

they are definitely a unique and special way to say I love you!

Best wishes & happy planning ~Melissa Fife
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