OK guys…lets get down to brass tacks…weddings are expensive! Unless you have an endless bank account at your finger-tips, you will have to start making a list of priorities or “must-have” list of items for the wedding.

Every couple wants and needs differ, so have a heart to heart before any money is spend, contract is signed or wedding professional is called.

The wedding budget breaks down to a per-person cost, now whether you spend $50 or $250 per guest isn’t the point as long as you know how much you can afford to spend.

Elegant touches such as champagne passed to your wedding guests as they arrive at your venue or 12 piece quartet playing during your ceremony are wants…NOT needs. The special touches can be chosen as
the wedding date approaches and IF there is extra money left in the budget.

As with any major purchases; be sure to have an open line of communication about spending money during the planning process…arguing about money is no way to start a marriage.

Best Wishes & Happy Planning ~
Melissa Fife
“Designing the Day of your Dreams”