OK ladies … I love my job…I truely do! But at times honeslty isn’t always the best policy; the behind the scenes crisises we handle (that you cause), the family drama (that you cause), the vendor irratability (that you cause) we fix it all…this is what I wish I could tell you but I know you just “can’t handle the truth!” Here goes…

  • If you’ve been engaged for a week… And your organizer is thicker than mine I automatically tell you that I’m booked on your date. There is no way in hell I can handle the tornado that about to ensue.
  • Your parents are paying?  I hope you understand you may not get what you want!
  • I wish you responded to my emails as quickly as you expect me to reply to yours…or text messages for that matter!
  • Reuse flowers…  From ceremony to reception if at all possible. If you’re planning to do this, tell your florist, otherwise your flowers may arrive one-dimensional, and won’t look as nice in an open space. Flowers are a huge expense and if we can repurpose them lets do it.
  • I still cry at weddings. Being part of the family for that short amount of time is truly a gift and blessing. Even when I see my couples have their first baby makes me teary, I was a part of making that family happen 🙂

Lastly I keep secrets to protect you, I make decisions without asking to avoid stressing you out and I do it all in the name of love…your wedding is as personal for me as it is for you, so be kind.

Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa Fife
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