When planning a wedding, there are a lot of things to take into consideration ~ here are the most , Wedding planning 101 – Biggest Mistakes Often Madecommon things that couples over look during the planning process that can really cause some issues and cause unnecessary stress during your big day…any annoy your guests too!

1: Not accounting for the temperature.
Don’t think about having an outdoors-only affair if you can’t hook up fans or a heater. If your guests are overheated or too cold, they’re not going to be focusing on what’s going on and will instead be preoccupied with their discomfort.

2: Too much distance between the ceremony and reception.
We all know that time gaps are definitely not preferable, but you also need to consider location. If your guests have to drive an hour (or more) from the ceremony to the reception, they’re not going to appreciate the added expense.You also risk people not wanting to make the trek and not coming at all…or even getting lost if they are not from the area.

3: Getting carried away with wedding toasts or speeches.
Keep the toasts brief! Don’t let speeches drag on forever, or you’ll bore your guests to sleep. And make anyone giving a toast promise not to turn the toast into a roast or overdo it with the inside jokes.

4: Lacking variety.
Whether its food, music or entertainment, everyone likes variety. If you are meat eaters be sure to offer a vegetarian option. Play too many slow songs, and you’ll lull your guests into a seated slumber. Variety is the spice of like…keep it that way at the wedding too!

We hope these tips keep you from being a blundering bride on your wedding day!

Best wishes & happy planning ~

Melissa Fife @ events by Missy & Company