We LOVE LOVE LOVE colors and weddings; everything from deep burgundies coupled with gold or a whimsical light blue with platinum. There is such a wide range of color options available for weddings. When choosing wedding colors, keep in mind colors make a statement.

Shades of pink, peach and banana are considered to be relaxing colors. Blues, greens and turquise shades are refreshing. Subtle shades like cream, moss, ratta, tea and bamboo are nurturing colors. Bright yellows, purple, hot pink, electric blue and lime are fun radiating shades…and dont

Chose color combinations that reflect both of you. The colors you pick for your wedding can reflect your approach to life, love and happiness…. it can show a new side of you both that you can begin to explore together after you say I do!

These colors can be pulled into everything from the decor at the reception, bridal party attire, ceremony programs…endless possibilities! But always remember, when it comes to wedding, less is more!

Best Wishes & Happy Planning ~
Melissa Fife
“Designing the Day of your Dreams”