, 5 Important things to discuss before you get marriedTodays brides and grooms are not going the traditional route of getting married via religious services, so the once before required pre wedding  counseling done by their pastor, priest or rabbi no longer happens. This seems to be leaving some items undiscussed that may become problematic down the line in the marriage.

We have put together a list of the ones we think are the most important items that seem to not be getting discussed and in our opinion can spell disaster for a marriage if the couple cannot come together on these important topics…we have spoken to past clients, friends and taken some of our own personal experience for this list…

– Children…Do you want them? If so, how many? If not, are you sure enough about that decision to take permanent steps to ensure you don’t have them?

– Where will we set up shop …Where do you want to start our family? Is moving for a job an option? Do you want to live overseas?

– Bills, bills,bills…Who is going to be responsible for paying the bills, saving money, emergency funds, vacation finds….Money is the number 1 cause of divorce, be sure to be transparent about money!
– Blood sweat and tears…when it comes to housework, who is doing what? If I cook, will you do the dishes…sharing the chores is very important. No one person should do all of the work…that’s just not fair.

– Yours, mine and ours…when it comes to family, decide how often you will see them, where holidays will be spent, how close will they be living to you. Letting in laws be very involved in your marriage can be disastrous in some relationships.

– The name game…What’s your family name going to be? Will one spouse take the other spouse’s last name? And if not, what surname will you give any kids you have?

Having a conversation about these some (or all) of these topics may ensure the lasting happiness of your marriage, be sure to always be on the same page with your future spouse ❤️.

Best wishes & happy planning ~

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