After each wedding we interview our couples for some pearls of wedding wisdom they picked up along the planning process…here are a few of our favorites:

GET YOUR FREAK ON! “Cut loose and enjoy yourself! Guests kept telling us they never saw two people have more fun at their own wedding, and that translated to everyone having a fantastic time.”—Jessica

, Awesome tidbits of advise from 5 of our amazing couples!
BIGGER ISNT ALWAYS BETTER! “You can have a small wedding without causing others to feel excluded. Though there were many family members and friends we love deeply who were not there that day, they truly understood our desire to have a tiny event.”— Tamara

DRESS THE PART! “This is a night for you—you have to make sure you’re comfortable. Since we weren’t doing a black- tie kind of thing, I didn’t have to wear a tuxedo, which was nice. I stood straighter and felt more confident because of my suit.”— Raymond

CONFIDENCE IS KEY! “It’s important to hire an event planner & wedding professionals who ‘get’ you and share your vision. When you trust them, you’re free to give up control and embrace every aspect of the day.”— Jonathan

“All that matters is at the end of the day…you are married…everything else is just fluff” – Melissa Fife … wedding planner & happy wife!

Best wishes & happy planning ~

Melissa Fife

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