The next time you’re invited to a bridal shower, give one of these super sweet & thoughtful personalized presents that won’t break your bank., 3 Awesome Handcrafted Wedding Gifts You Can Make


Song Lyric Art – Create a swoon worthy DIY print that would make for a great homemade wedding gift. Find out the couple’s first dance song or another memorable verse—and spell it out! How to: cut out vinyl letters and plane onto a canvas. After a quick coat of spray paint, peel the letters free to reveal the patterned prose.


Memorable Map – Track where the couple came from, met, and got married and everything in between with this homemade wedding gift. How to: Cut shapes from a map and coat with Mod
Podge, and then adhere to colorful card-stock and frame.


, 3 Awesome Handcrafted Wedding Gifts You Can MakeBlackboard Glasses – Couples who entertain will love that these glasses come with built-in drink “tags”. How to: Wrap painter’s tape around stems and apply a layer of blackboard spray paint to glass bases. For a bonus wedding gift, give with a nice bottle of wine.


These gifts will be a huge hit for any new couple…there is noting like creating a gift from your heart with love!





Best wishes & happy planning!
Melissa @ Events by Missy & Company