The bridal bouquet is such a focal point when brides come down the aisle so there is a lot of thought that goes into it. The colors, textures and smells as your float around on your wedding day should be just right…but be careful…flowers get costly very fast if you don’t choose wisely.

Here are out top 3 ideas on how to prevent the bloom budget from breaking:

, Wedding Planning 101 ~ Floral tips on a budget!

Floral arrangement of pink peonies

• Stay seasonal – no matter what season you are getting married in, try and use flowers that will be in bloom during that season. Brides go bananas over Peonies but they peak during the spring…so using them in your fall wedding florals will come at a hefty price tag.

• Be flexible – brides tend to get very specific visions for their weddings and this comes with a hefty cost. Let your florist suggest seasonal flowers that are cost effective…if your love Ranunculus try using a few in your bouquet coupled with roses instead of an entire bouquet of Ranunculus, this can seriously reduce your floral costs.

• Simple is stunning – the simpler the arrangements the less the cost…that just makes sense! Those 3’ high centerpieces not only cost money for the materials but the labor and transportation it takes to set them up as well. Low round rose centerpieces have a huge impact and are super cost effective. Plus they make it easier for your guests to chat at dinner as opposed to those taller ornate centerpieces!

Whatever flowers you decide, be sure to make your flowers your own by adding a little jazz to them…whether its coordinating ribbon tied around your bouquet or a monogrammed cuff around the centerpiece bases…the option are endless and always add that special touch to your wedding!

Best wishes & happy planning!
Melissa @ Events by Missy & Company