If you want to stay married … talk to couples that have been married a long time…not 5 or 10 years…we’re talking try decades! I love speaking to older relatives at weddings & social events to see what the key to long-term marriage success is. Their answers are actually pretty simple and make a LOT of sense! I will omit their names from the post to keep their marriages and love lives private, but I think they deserve awards for making it thru the pitfalls and pathways we call life together for so long!!!

  • Physical attraction is important – staying attractive to each other is important. That’s key if you want to keep the spark alive in a relationship.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone – an activity that challenges both of you more than usual bonds your relationship; camping, a long car trip, or DIY home project together because that’s when you get to see the real person. Keep it exciting, stop sitting around and watching TV, new adventures together keep the relationship fresh and worth talking about long after the activities are over.
  • Be old-fashioned – Men this is all you…open a door, pull out a chair…niceties should never go out of style in your marriage. If your husbands works all day and the wife is the homemaker, make sure he comes home to a hot meal and a clean home, he appreciates that.
  • Have a humor check – laugh…often! Cause when times get hard you will need those good memories to help you get thru them. If your spouse can make you laugh you are set for life!
  • The “in-love feeling” is important – if you feel loved and keep loving your spouse, the marriage is golden. Keep that loving feeling in your eye and it will keep them content.

I think these tips are sooooo on point for a lasting marriage, I plan on being married a longtime and hope to one day give great advise too!

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Best wishes & happy planning!

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