Adult reception only…yes please!!! More often then not these days wedding receptions are “kid free” zones. I have had lengthy conversations with my clients about this topic. Couples are asking their friends and family to leave the kiddies home for a evening of adult dinner, drinks & dancing. Also parents see weddings as a chance to get a babysitter and enjoy an evening out without chicken fingers & french fries…and put on their party clothes and dance it up!

If you do choose to have an adult only reception – check out our list to ensure guests feelings don’t get hurt or cause tension between family & friends:

  1. DON’T use the phrase “No children allowed” or “Adult’s only” on your wedding invitation… that’s just straight up rude!  Be sure to correctly address your invitations to read “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and leave off the ” & Family”.
  2. DON’T be afraid to call if the response card is completed to include children, have your MOH, Mother or Planner make a phone call.
  3. DO include the phrases ” Adult Only Reception” or “No Children Please” on your save-the-date & wedding website.
  4. DO use word of mouth, friends and family will be chatting about your big day, make sure it’s being mentioned to families with children.
  5. DO have a Flower girl & Ring bearer if you want one and hire a nanny or sitter to keep them in the bridal suite during the reception.
  6. DON’T back down; there will be parents who want to bring their kids but stand firm and say no…keep in mind you cannot say yes to some kids and no to others, this will surely cause a problem after the reception.

Choosing a kid-free party is totally your call, my wedding reception was kid free and I loved it. I have been to receptions where kids are cranky and crying and running around, it was not what I wanted at my wedding! We handled it from the start and had no issues…and no regrets! Do what is going to make you both happy and comfortable, its your big day!

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Best wishes & happy planning!

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