Who wouldn’t want to get married on a beach…the sun, the waves, the cool breeze…it’s ooooh soooo romantic! But be warned; this can be a difficult task if all of the factors are not considered. Whether it’s held in an exotic location on some far off tropical island or local shores, it has very unique challenges that need to be addressed. Use our checklist to ensure your sandy ceremony goes off without a hitch!

  • Have a daytime ceremony so everyone can see whats going on…anyone who has been on a beach after dark knows its gets pitch black unless there is a full moon.

    , Beach Weddings…Tips to properly Plan for the Sunny Fun!

    Sunny beach side wedding fun

  • Provide bug spray, sunblock, flipflops, water & umbrellas for guests comfort, they will be thankful!
  • Use a sound system; the waves can be loud when crashing onto the beach…your guests will want to hear whats going on.
  • Find out which beaches are private and public:
    • Private beaches will require a permit to use
    • Public beaches require a licence, will have swimmers in the background, kids running around, rubbish in the sand.
  • Dress properly; heels sink in the sand, full skirts will make you sweat, a black tuxedo will make guys melt, have an up-do hairstyle.
  • Be sure to anchor down your decor against wind so items aren’t flying all over the beach.
  • Prepare your guests ahead of time “Beachside Ceremony” lets them know to dress accordingly.
  • Keep it short..even though you will provide as many comforts you can for your guests…short and sweet is best.
  • If guests have accessibility issues they may not be able to attend
  • HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN – beach weddings with rain are not fun…be sure to have a back up plan in place just in case!


If you follow these tips you can be sure to have the beach side ceremony of your dreams…and if this seems like too much to handle…CALL US so we can plan it for you!


Best wishes & happy planning!

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