Choosing your reception venue can be difficult…there are so many factors involved beginning with costs. Be sure you don’t choose a venue strictly based on price because remember you get what you pay for!

But there are lots of things that brides & grooms tend to overlook when choosing their reception space…check out the top ones to be sure you think about!

  • Not having your guest list together before choosing your venue- If you plan on having a large guest list be sure your venue can accommodate all of the guests. Every venue has a max guest count and if you choose a space that can only hold 100 people and your guest list it 200…you are screwed!
  • Added taxes, gratuities and fees – When venues post their per person costs, it rarely to almost never includes the taxes and extra costs; these extras can boost your per person price to anywhere from $20-$70 each and blow your budget our of the water. Be sure to ask about the following:
    • Entering the space early
    • Cake cutting fee
    • Overtime fees
    • Service charges
    • Maitre D fees
    • Tax
    • Unapproved vendors
    • Ceremony site fees
    • Clean up costs
    • Gratuities
  • In case of bad weather, what is your “Plan B” option – If you are having your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception outdoors, you need a back up plan. 
  • Hosting your reception far from your ceremony site – Its OK to ask your guests to travel, but anything more than an hour away is an inconvenience and this will have your guests choosing to either attend the ceremony or reception in some cases to avoid the long commute.
  • Not asking about a place for a band, DJ or dance floor – There should be dedicated spaces for your dance floor and entertainment, along with electrical needs. In non traditional spaces there may not be a specific spot so be sure to find out.
  • Not finding restrictions for outside vendors – Some venues only allow “approved vendors” to work in their spaces, be sure to see if this list exists if you have your heart on certain wedding professionals like a photographer or DJ.

Be sure to to ask these questions to ensure choosing your perfect venue actually is!!

Best wishes & happy planning-

Melissa @ Events by Missy & Company