There are sooooo many moving parts when it comes to wedding planning that sometimes things slip thru the cracks.  Events by Missy has been planning weddings for a long time, and these are the top 7 things that brides & grooms tend to forget when the planning hits the fan!

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a rain plan – even if you plan on only being outside for a few minutes during a quick ceremony, you need to have a backup in case it rains. So many times this goes by the wayside in hopes the weather will “hold up” but it’s an important aspect of the day.
  2. Getting everyone from point A to point B –bridal party, parents, grandparents, hell even the newlyweds will usually have transportation provided in the beginning of the day, but then tend to get forgotten at the end of the night. Be sure to provide back and forth cars or buses for everyone, or make sure they have their own transportation set up.
  3. Stalking the weather – knowing the weather for the day isn’t enough, check into how the weather has been over the past few years on your wedding weekend, it’s usually on point, so plan accordingly.
  4. Having enough seating – ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, be sure if you are renting chairs at a venue, be sure to have enough…even get a few more. You wouldn’t want your guests standing. And while you are at it, rent chairs for your ceremony and reception…moving chairs is a pain and something will cost more than getting 2 sets.
  5. Create a wedding website – so many important details go onto the wedding website; hotel block info, transportation, gift registry…etc. We suggest creating one as soon as you are engaged and you can have party info as well. It’s a great and usually free tool to couples can utilize!
  6. Correct invitation postage – Size does matter…not every envelope is the same size and will have different postage costs, and the more pieces you have in the envelope the more postage you will need. Take a fully assembled invitation to the post office and get it weighted so you can buy the stamps the first time around.
  7. Ask someone to take your gifts home – Designate someone before the wedding so at the end of the night you are not worrying about it or scrambling to find someone.


And if all else fails, hire a spectacular wedding planner like Events by Missy to ensure no detail is forgotten…cheers!!!


Best wishes & happy planning!

Events by Missy & Company