We have heard this statement too many times to even count; “There is a coordinator at the venue, so do we really don’t need a wedding planner?” Well sweetie…the answer is YES you do!!!

Let me give you the skinny on the venue coordinators. Well to start, they work for the venue and not the client. Yes they are awesome, we love venue coordinators. We play very well in the sand box with them; they feed us, keep the place running on-time, the bar moving…the whole 9 yards. The venue needs them and so do we. They keep the bridal suite clean, make sure you have your fresh cocktails during the night, and even send you off with a little gift sometimes. They are truly an asset. When I know the venue coordinator on site the day of a wedding I’m ecstatic, a great working relationship with the coordinator is paramount. And it always makes the event a little more fun!

Now while we love the venue coordinator, let me tell you what they DO NOT do:

  • The flowers are wrong, they don’t call the florist to rectify the problem or try to correct the situation
  • The entertainment is running late, they don’t call them to check on their ETA
  • The transportation arrived at the wrong location, how would they correct the issue because they don’t even know who you hired!
  • What they also don’t do; help you plan the wedding, refer you to quality wedding professionals, assist you with your guest list & mail your invitations, confirm the timeline with vendors, assist with honeymoon planning…should I continue?

Long story short; your wedding planner is here for the long haul, not just on your wedding day for a few hours. Venue coordinators have no idea about your family dynamic, the cocktail your mom likes, the reason you choose your first dance song…but the wedding planner does. We go the extra miles for our clients to make sure they are stress free and happy by the time the wedding day comes.

And if budget is an issue, you can always hire a planner for “Day-of-Coordination” services…even that service starts 2 months out and we gets tons of details.

My point is, you need the planner…the coordinator is free…you know the old adage “you get what you pay for”?!?!?! If the venue coordinator is a part of the package…you do that math.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us for additional info, we are always happy to help!


Best wishes and happy planning!

Melissa @ Events by Missy & Company