The Wedding Website is gaining popularity more and more…and why shouldn’t it?!?!?  Its super helpful at keeping guests up to date with planning and arrangements and important info they will need as your wedding approaches…and honestly your Aunt Kim isn’t the most reliable source for passing these details on!

Here is how you can create one in a few steps…first find a host that is simple to use…both Wedding Wire & The Knot have their own versions. We think both are simple enough to use and navigate, so choose the one you like and lets get started!!

  • Add a cute photo of the two of you and a brief story
  • Your wedding location – both the reception and ceremony site if they are not in the same location
  • Schedule for the days events, who needs to be where and when things start … and for the weekend too if there is one
  • Accommodations – where guests can stay if they don’t want to travel home afterwards
  • Transportation – if you are providing shuttles to and from locations, provide times ( we suggest a few minutes earlier than the buses will actually leave)
  • Acceptable attire – if you are having a black tie reception or beach ceremony, let guests know what they can wear…pictures work well too!
  • Your wedding registry information

This website is to help guests out with the logistics with the wedding day so you aren’t receiving calls and texts…do it for your sanity…you will thank us!

Call us if you need help creating one…we would be happy to help!


Best wishes & happy planning –

Melissa @ Events by Missy & Company