Year after year; trends come and go…colors, places, traditions, decor, flowers, less-is-more…we have seen lots and lots!

Since 2018 is half way over, we have put together a list of our top 5 wedding design predictions for 2019.

These are based on the recent upward trend…we think they will make a big splash this next year!!!

  • Non-traditional wedding venues – yes everyone loves romantic castle weddings & traditional hotel wedding halls…NOT! These venues are going by the wayside in lieu of more unique  reception spaces. How about a wedding at an art gallery space full of rich colors and unique surroundings? Or a greenhouse with the lush colors and smells of nature…these distinct places and spaces are perfect for the daring bride & groom who want to create a whole new experience for themselves and their guests.
  • Casual weddings – instead of a 6 course seated dinner and orchestrated reception…go with the flow! Passed heavy appetizers are becoming a huge deal, eat what you want when you want it, dance when you want. Do away with the garter and bouquet toss, instead have the couple married the longest dance and give the newly married couple a few words of wisdom. Change it up, its your day…make it your own!
  • More greenery – thanks to Pantone’s 2017 color of the year we will see a lot more greenery incorporated into decor and bouquets and we love it!
  • Destination weddings – get your passports ready, we are having lots of clients take this party over the rainbow to a warm beachy destination! A destination wedding is more intimate and exotic and brides & grooms are taking notice. A ceremony on the beach and cocktails on the deck with a warm island breeze is perfect! plus its a mini vacation for those guests traveling, so its a win-win for everyone!
  • Wardrobe change – Brides and Grooms are dressing down for their receptions and I think its perfect! The full tuxedo and ball gowns with trains are being traded in for a chic cocktail dress and slacks & a tie. Its a lot less formal but couples are taking this direction more often…plus its a great opportunity to have professional photos in 2 separate outfits!


What do you think of our predictions…love ’em or hate ’em? If you love them call us today so we can make incorporate them into your wedding vision!

Best wishes & happy planning!
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