5 things you didn’t know about Melissa…but definitely should!
April 3, 2019

Hi…I’m Melissa and Events by Missy & Company if my baby!        After 10 years cultivating a business I love, I’m taking this baby to the next level with online courses and branching out into social events so stay tuned!

But here’s a few things about me 🙂

  • My family is everything! A husband, 5 kiddos, 1 grand-baby & 2 cats…my family is THE most important thing to me. Family dinners, holidays, weekends hang outs, those are the things I live for. Mama bear is the best way I have been described and I will take it! And they are one of the reasons I started my businesses; I’m hoping to leave a legacy behind for my kids to take over. And they have all been instrumental in the growth over the years. My daughters & hubby have assisted on weddings days with everything from moving huge floral arrangements to being my assistants…this is totally a family affair!
  • I’m a serious foodie. Food is not only fuel for me, its legit everything! At least once a week I love going out and trying new things; my favorite meal is steak & potatoes but I have tried so many different ethnic foods, I cannot get enough of different flavor notes and pallets. “Life’s too short, eat the cannoli” is my mantra!
  • I’m a world traveler. With continents, countries and counties under my belt, there are still so many places that are on my bucket list & Greece is next! And I NEVER go back to the same place twice, even if I love it. “The world is yours” as Tony Montana says…and I plan on seeing all of it!
  • Accounting & Project Managers is where it started. My professional life lived in construction for many years, most likely where I get my rough-around-the-edge persona LOL. Being able to balance budgets and run the logistics of projects make wedding planning sooooo  easy for me. The back end stuff makes the event perfect and that’s where I excel.
  • I’m the NY state manager for the ABC. In 2019 I took on this amazing role for the Association of Bridal Consultants and it’s been a roller coaster ride since January. I was very honored & humbled to take on this position and I know my 10 years of experience will definitely help me excel!

Thanks so much for taking a minute to read about me…Events by Missy is my baby and I work everyday to make it better for not just myself but for my clients. 

Best wishes & happy planning!
Events by Missy & Company

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