Menu Items to pay attention to when planning your reception

by | May 3, 2019 | wedding

Your reception menu is one of the biggest and most difficult decisions you will make during the planning process. Check out this list of items to pay attention to when creating your menu.

Too Many Choices – Venues with lots of weddings tend to offer multi-page menus with a huge variety so they can cater to every type of couple. While it’s great to have a selection, it’s important to take into consideration whether this standardized style of service will work well for you and your wedding. 

Too Much Fusion Food – If your catering team specializes in fusion, go with it. But if its Italian, Japanese and Greek all at the same time, well…the old adage is “jack of all trades, master of none”.
This will be true of your food as well. 

Inauthentic Cuisine for the Location –  a wedding menu that has nothing to do with the local cuisine doesn’t make sense. It’s as though these venues are catering to an international group rather than focusing on what they know they can do well. This should be a non-issue for most venues since this is the cuisine they make best. 

Drinks Packages That Are Charged Hourly –  you may want to ask about the possibility of buying on consumption. Be careful as this package is designed with big groups in mind. 

Hidden Fees – read the fine print! Hidden fees can hit you on the back end and blow the budget out of the water. Anything from service fees, tipping and gratuities, cake cutting or corkage fees are just a few to look for.

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