Planning a Destination Wedding – Part I

by | May 17, 2019 | marriage, wedding

Hosting a destination wedding can be fun…but kinda tricky! From beaches in the US to tropical far away locations…here are the first few steps in getting started!

  • Plan Ahead and pack your patience; it will take time for it to all come together. Lots of phone calls and coordinating, so get ready.
  • Don’t keep your guests guessing; once you decide to take this show on the road, let your guests know. Everyone will need to budget and take time off from work and plan accordingly.
  • Take a trip & visit the place you want to get married FIRST! Images online can be deceiving, and the last thing you want to do is invest money into a dump…so make sure it’s the real deal!
  • Pack light; beautiful gowns and tuxedos may be the social norm, but not in a beach. Be sure your attire matches the mood.

Need help figuring out what kind of destination wedding is right for you?
Check out next post about which destination suits your & your wedding the best!

Best wishes & happy planning!

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