Planning a Destination Wedding – Part II – Stateside Stays

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3 Reasons why a Domestic Destination wedding is Totally Awesome

Thinking about a destination wedding but traveling far isn’t your jam??? then why not get hitched in the good ole U S of A!!! If you’ve never considered a domestic beachfront wedding, here are some reasons you should! And once you have read through our tips, check out some of the places Events by Missy & Company has hosted weddings to see if they may be a fit for you & your honey!

Flights & drives within your reach!

Based on where you live, you are only a car ride or short flight to awesomeness! A long and cumbersome flight may be too much for you, small children, elderly or handicapped guests to handle, so making it easy on everyone may be the way to go. Plus there won’t be anyone breaking the bank on their travel arrangements…including you!

The more the merrier!

Obviously the cost for your guest is significantly decreased if you get married closer to home. So if you are looking to have as many friends & family there, they keep ‘em close!

Stress less…yes please!

If you have ever traveled before and you know the stress it can bring. Now add all of the items you will need to take with you, passport / visas, long lines, transportation once people arrive…etc! It can get to be a bit much, you can elevate all that extra stress by staying in the states.

So stateside destination…or go for the gusto and enjoy an island get-away? Check out our 3rd blog in this series if you wanna leave on a jet plane!

Best wishes & happy planning!

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