Your First Wedding Meeting…what you need to know!

by | Jul 25, 2019 | marriage, wedding

There are so many questions that should be asked during the first wedding meetings you have with potential venues & vendors…but these are the MUSTS! Asking important questions save time & money…so get ready!

  • The wedding date. You want to ensure that the venue has your date available. And when chatting with vendors, make sure that specific photographer is free, you don’t wanna get the back-up guy!
  • Whats this gonna cost us? From pretty early in the planning process you know what your budget it. So before contacting anyone know the ballpark fees. If you have $2k for your videographer budget, contacting one whose price point is a lot higher is useless!
  • Have a vision & bring it with you. Create a pintrest or vision board (old skool!!) so you can share it with everyone you chat with about the wedding and bring it with you. Not every venue you see will be aligned with your vision so do your research!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Never leave a meeting with unanswered questions or items that are unclear. Create a check list (see our other blog posts) to ensure nothing is left up in the air.
  • Only say yes once…until you know for sure. Meeting with someone doesn’t mean you have to hire them. The same way employers interview candidates is the same way you should interview your wedding professionals.

For this very important day, the right team needs to be in place. So be sure to ask questions and get that warm & fuzzy person before that deposit is made!

Best wishes & happy planning!

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