5 things your wedding planner won’t tell you…But I have to!!!

OK ladies … I love my job…I truely do! But at times honeslty isn’t always the best policy; the behind the scenes crisises we handle (that you cause), the family drama (that you cause), the vendor irratability (that you cause) we fix it all…this is what I wish I could tell you but I know you just “can’t handle the truth!” Here goes…

  • If you’ve been engaged for a week… And your organizer is thicker than mine I automatically tell you that I’m booked on your date. There is no way in hell I can handle the tornado that about to ensue.
  • Your parents are paying?  I hope you understand you may not get what you want!
  • I wish you responded to my emails as quickly as you expect me to reply to yours…or text messages for that matter!
  • Reuse flowers…  From ceremony to reception if at all possible. If you’re planning to do this, tell your florist, otherwise your flowers may arrive one-dimensional, and won’t look as nice in an open space. Flowers are a huge expense and if we can repurpose them lets do it.
  • I still cry at weddings. Being part of the family for that short amount of time is truly a gift and blessing. Even when I see my couples have their first baby makes me teary, I was a part of making that family happen :)

Lastly I keep secrets to protect you, I make decisions without asking to avoid stressing you out and I do it all in the name of love…your wedding is as personal for me as it is for you, so be kind.

Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa Fife
Events by Missy & Company

Hottest Celebrity wedding of 2014…why Brad & Angelina of course!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Celebrity wedding are a big business ~ and every year there is always one that fans have waited for with baited breathe…My celebrity wedding prediction of 2014 is definitely Brad & Angelina! 
They are my absolute favorite couple ever!  They have been engaged for years and its about time they tie that preverbal knot.  The couple famously stated that they wouldn’t get married until everyone had the right to do so — and with DOMA being passed recently they are certainly on the right track. 
I imagine since they are private about family they will have a small ceremony in which all six children will be a part of. They won’t release photos to the press, they won’t comment on their marriage publicly,thats not the type of couple they are…but I cannt wait to see their wedding bands!

Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa Fife
Events by Missy & Company

Jose & Sonny’s Wedding ~ August 24th 2013

Sonny & Jose were married on August 24, 2014 at a beautiful backyard estate ceremony & reception in Greenwich CT under the bluest sky surrounded by their closest friends and family!

The ceremony was lovely and presided over the couple who wore traditional Pilipino garb, which is where Sonny is from. The words the couple spoke to each other made us all tear up, the love was overwhelming!

A large white tent housed a very unique farmhouse chic reception that the couple hand picked and poured their all into. 
The food was beyond amazing…Spanish themed that even included a whole roasted pig which was a crowd favorite!

Everything from the toasts to the cake to first dance was so filled with love it was truly a blessing to be a part of their wedding. 

Jose & Sonny are amazing and we wish them both the happiest lives together. 
And thank to the wedding pros who helped make this wedding amazing:

Photographer – Jessica Warzoha Photography 
Band/DJ – DJ Nelson Torres
Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa Fife
Events by Missy & Company

Jillian & Josh’s Wedding ~ June 22nd, 2013

Jillian & Josh celebrated their wedding on June 22nd, 2013 at Cornell Universities college campus. The couple met there when attending college and knew it was the perfect spot to tie the knot.

Their ceremony was held in Sage Chapel where both a Catholic priest and a Jewish Rabbi  presided the vows. Jillian surprised Josh and all of their guests with a choreographed  dance down the aisle with the bridal party to Bruno Mars popular song “I think I wanna marry you” which they totally rocked! As guests filtered out of the church a bagpiper lead them to Willard Straight hall where the reception began.

Cocktail hour was held on the rooftop that was covered in a massive tent where guests enjoyed food and cocktails until the happy couple arrived. The DJ played music while Jillian & Josh danced the night away with their guests in white Ray Bans. The photo-booth was a crowd favorite…especially with the parents!

Jillian & Josh (and their families) are amazing and we wish them both the happiest lives together. And thank to the wedding pros who helped make this wedding amazing:

Ceremony – Sage Chapel
Reception – Willard Straight hall
DJ & Photo booth – Black Tie entertainment

Hair & Make-up – Jillian Pastella

Flowers – Michaleen’s florist
Wedding Cake – Sarah’s Patisserie
Photographer – Shai Photography
Caterers – The Heights & Cornell Catering

Best wishes & happy planning ~

Melissa Fife

Events by Missy & Company



Brides-to-be…BEWARE of these wedding budget killers!

As a wedding planner, I have seen lots of mistake that newly engaged brides and grooms make when they begin the planning process…all of which can kill your budget! 

Here are a list of the top 3 we constantly see…BEWARE!!!

~ You don’t take into consideration the season you’re getting married in.  
Avoid peak wedding season (May to October) and you can save across the board on venues, limos, photographers, and caterers.
Besides your reception costs, florals are the most expensive item on a couple’s budget. Ask your florist to use seasonal flowers that are readily available.
 A hot new trend is to mix flower arrangements with other alternatives, such as candles, stones, pinecones, berries, colorful fruit in large vases, just to name a few.

~ Don’t invite everyone you’ know!
A large guest list will drastically effect your wedding day budget. The more people you invite, the more expensive your wedding is going to be…PERIOD!!
This is not the day to meet your soon-to-be’s second cousin or high school friends.  You will also need to limit the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen in your bridal party.  You will need to provide them with bouquets, boutonnieres, transportation and a gifts…doing this for 2 bridesmaids is much less expensive than doing it for 7 bridesmaids.

 ~ You end up “working” on your wedding.  
Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life – don’t take any chances.  Hire a wedding planner; whether its just for the wedding day or thru the whole planning process, they will save you time, money and most of all stress!  You will be able to enjoy a stress-free engagement and won’t be overwhelmed with the planning process and all the behind-the-scenes details involved in making your wedding day dream a reality.  More importantly, your day will be flawlessly executed from start to finish, all while you enjoy your day as if you were a guest.

Best wishes & savvy planning!
Melissa @ Events by Missy

Pantone color of the Year for 2014 ~ Radiant Orchid

Say hello to Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year for 2014. Those not familiar with phalaenopsis may wonder: What, exactly, is Radiant Orchid?
In the company’s annual announcement, Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, described the hue as “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones” that “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.”
At one point in time, Radiant Orchid would have been considered strictly feminine as women have more typically used it in fashion and cosmetics. However, in recent years, we have seen more usage of this color for men in sportswear, men’s ties, striping’s in shirts and even in sneakers by Converse.

I think couples getting married this year will use it on their cakes, subtle hints and accents in decor and most definitely on bridesmaids. I would love to see a pop on the guys too…maybe a unique bow tie or some argyle socks.  And obviously in bouquets, this orchid is a summer flower but I can almost guarantee brides shelling out top dollar to get them spring & fall as well.
We cannot wait to see how brides & grooms both incorporate this amazing color into their decor and flowers and cakes and fashion!  Bring it on!

Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa Fife
Events by Missy & Company

Wedding Planning 101 – Tips for finding the perfect Wedding gown

Brides-to-be dream of finding the prefect wedding gown; from the look, to how it makes them feel and what their soon-to-be husband will think when she’s coming down the aisle. Check out these tips below to helping you get thru the gown shopping process as stress-free

1 ~ Limit the people that come with you to try on your dress. Too many opinions is overwhelming and can make a difficult decision even harder. Usually your mom and best friend or maid of honor is just enough.

2 ~ Go for a flattering fit. Every dress is not made for every girl, so do you homework and know what dress works on your body type.

3 ~ Bring along a pair of shoes. If you plan on wearing 3″ heels on your wedding day, try on gowns while wearing a pair of shoes with 3″ heels; this way you know where the hem and train will fall.

4 ~ Know what you want to spend on a wedding gown and let your bridal shoppe consultant know what is it. You do not want to fall in love with a dress that costs $10,000 if you only have $2,000 to spend.

5 ~ Comfort is key. You will have your wedding gown on for at least 8-10 hours on your wedding day, so be sure you get something you can sit, dance and be merry in!

These tips can help you easy your way into the wedding dress of your dreams.

Best Wishes & Happy Planning ~
Melissa Fife 
“Designing the Day of your Dream

Weddings 101 ~ The benefits of having a Destination Weddings

Destination wedding are fast becoming a popular alternative to a traditional wedding. My husband and I even considered a destination wedding when we began the planing process, but we opted for a wedding close to home so all of our family would be able to join us.

Resorts offer amazing all-inclusice deals that some brides & grooms-to-be love, plus they can stay afterwards as their honeymoon vacation. Guests consider destination wedding as mini-get-aways as well, so its a win/win for everyone!!
Here are our top reasons to have a destination wedding ~ 
It is a great way to reduce your guest list ~ If you really want only your closest family and friends you might just be able to get away with it.
Dress code ~ Casual or even more casual. You and your guests will love that!  You can wiggle your toes in the sand as you say ‘I Do’.
Everywhere you look, there’s an amazing photo opportunity ~ With picture-perfect views all around, you won’t have to wait for your wedding photographer to capture the spirit of your event.
Your wedding will be the one they’ll be talking about for years to come ~ Wedding guests will long remember your event—it will be hard for anyone else to top it.
You want to streamline costs (or even, in some cases, save money). No one can definitively say that a destination wedding costs less than an at-home reception. But no one can say it costs more, either. However, it often turns out to be easier to keep costs in check in a faraway locale. 
If you already know the resort where you want to wed, then you’re ahead of the game. If you’re less sure (or know the overall location—Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, the Caribbean—but not the specific spot), work with a travel agent, or check out these one-stop-shopping destination wedding sites.  Also be sure to hire a Wedding Planner to coordinate all of the details, you will be happy you did!
Best wishes & happy planning ~
Melissa Fife ~ Events by Missy & Company


Helen & Noel’s wedding ~ May 18th, 2013

Helen & Noel celebrated their wedding on 
May 18, 2013 at the Wainwright House in

Rye, NY under cloudy skies…but that didn’t stop this fantastic couple from celebrating in style!

Their ceremony was held in Larchmont at St John & Paul parish where the families priest presided the vows. Afterwards the couples hopped into a classic Rolls Royce to the reception to join their guests.

The happy couple along with their guests were greeted by the FDNY lead bagpipe player as they entered the reception, a nod to Noel’s Irish heritage, which was beyond cool. The entire Wainwright was used; a bar set up in the library for guest to mingle and chat. The atrium was set up with anniversary cakes for the couples parents who has been married around the couples wedding date. The massive tent held the dinner and dancing where guests enjoyed delicious food and great music well into the evening!

Helen & Noel (and their families) are amazing and we wish them both the happiest lives together. And thank to the wedding pros who helped make this wedding amazing:

Reception Venue – Wainwright House
Florist – Petals by Alice
Photographer – 4 Eyes Photography
Videographer – Tweed Video Productions
Band/DJ – On The Move
Hotel – Doral Arrowwood
Transportation – Silver StarTop Class Limo
Hair & Make-up –  Brides by Benedetti & Posh Salon

Best wishes & happy planning ~

Melissa Fife

Events by Missy & Company



Nicole & Rich’s wedding ~ May 11th, 2013

Nicole & Rich celebrated their wedding on May 11th, 2013 at the Greater Centennial

church in Mt. Vernon NY under cloudy skies. The bride wore a beautiful ivory gown that perfectly complimented her groom’s tuxedo. After a traditional ceremony the recession was lead out of the church by the Star Wars theme…Rich is a huge fan!

The couple with their bridal party went to the picturesque Bartow-Bell mansion in the Bronx where they took some amazing shots with A Girl in Love Photography team lead by Melissa Squires.

The couple then arrived at the fab Tosca Marquee in the Bronx NY; the cocktail reception over looked the George Washington bridge…it was amazing! Guests danced the evening away to old school hip-hop and reggae and enjoyed a huge dessert buffet.

I worked with Nicole and Rich for a few months leading up to their wedding and I got to know them and I absolutely love them….I consider her to be one of my most favorite brides. Both her and Rich (and their families) are amazing and I wish them both the happiest lives together.

And thanks to all of the amazing wedding peeps who made this event great!

Venue – Tosca Marquee
Photographer – A Girl in Love
Cupcakes – Cake in a Cup
Video – Jesus Piece Productions
Florist – Michael’s Florals
DJ – Rich Source 
Church – Greater centennial church
Transportation – 4J’s Limousine

Best wishes & happy planning ~ 
Melissa Fife 
Events by Missy & Company